Skite Agias Annas Mount Athos

Five hours away from the abbey of Lavra and one hour away from St. Paul’s abbey, lies the skite of St. Anne. It is situated in a real oasis with thick vegetation. The skite- which is the oldest and largest in Aghion Oros- was founded in the 16th century and today consists of nearly fifty cells and huts. Near the sea, one can notice the ruins of the very old Voulefterion abbey. The monks are pre- occupied by painting, handicrafts and agriculture.

All the monks of Aghion Oros are people with intellect and interests and altruistic attitudes, therefore it is not strange that the monks of St. Anne’s skite share their foot with the hermits who live high on the rocks of Carulia.

The skite’s main temple (Kyriako) is named in honor of St. Anne and was built by Patriarch Dionysus Vardale in 1666. From 1752 until 1755 the temple expanded and its wall-paintings were painted. The library contains three codes made of parchment, two hundred manuscripts and seven hundred prints. The famous writer of hymns Gerasimos Gerasimakis was in charge of the library’s equipment. Some of the important hagiographial firms are the firm of the Katsona brothers and the one of the old Ananias and others.