Skite Agiou Andrea Mount Athos

Five hundred metres northwest of Karies lies St. Anrew’s Russian Skite. In the middle of the 18th century monk Vessarios, bought a cell which later on outgrew in buildings and monks and is the largest abbey of Aghion Oros. The entral temple of the skite (Katholico) is considered to be the largest in the Balcans, honoring Apostle Andrew’s name. It is 60 meters long by 33 meters wide and it’s height is 29 meters. The temple was founded in 1867.

In the earlier days it used to have 700 Russian monks. It is also called Seragi (palace) because of it’s magnificent buildings which the Russians called Sei-rai (paradise).

In 1958 the Skite’s western end was destroyed by a fire which also burned 20.000 volumes and a large number of manuscripts and antiques. Today the Skite belobgs to Vatopedi abbey.

There is only one monk who resides there and he is called Prosmonarios.