Hermitages of Mount Athos

To avoid the “mundane and noisy life of the monasteries, from the very” early years, many hermits withdrew to the isolation of the hermitage and hermitages. Karoulias The region is also known as “Vertical Desert” because the landscape is very “hard and steep rocks reach the sea, live retreatants, immersed in meditation and prayer.

They have completely renounced the worldly and pray in vigil and fasts. The spirit is trained after a long and arduous discipline, mental concentration and with prayer, to be able to reach closer to God and to face the “thavoreio light”, the “uncreated light” to reach the highest rung of the scale to psychosotirias celestial, has described as the St John of the Ladder (569-649). Fasting and harsh discipline was only the first step. Other retreatants passed their entire lives tethered terrible divisions over hundreds of meters below their feet. Wrapped around a rope around “the body of the tie into a trunk from the brink egernan down. The hermits live even today as thousands of years ago, in caves or primitive huts.

The bodies of the attenuated need little more food and water that might find in a recess, now \ rocks. And one day when their souls depart from their body Lightweight, the worldly remains of them stay there until another monk who seeks to find the Sacred Silence with respect to storage in a corner of the ascetic home until he can complete his journey to God.