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If you install any of these apps, do so at your own risk. We're not lawyers but these apps are not legal in certain states. Use this information at your own risk. Hot TopicsThe copy9 is the best spy app available on the market.

Copy9 is an application developed for Android and Iphone which once activated, lets you go through the victims smartphone completely.. I didn't want to give these companies any free publicity to be honest, I wouldn't like this article to help such companies gain customers as it will probably show up in search results before long and attract both those looking for info about spy software and those looking for the software itself, how detectable it is etc I've re-blurred one of the images that featured a name now for uniformity.

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I don't think leaving the names out detracts from the message here. I dont use all of them. During the Windows Phone era, Nokia handsets were up there with the best. Unusual combinations of colour, high-end materials and eye-catching design.

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Related: Nokia 9. The Nokia 7 Plus is a well-built phone that feels durable and hefty, but it lacks the ergonomics of a truly well-designed handset. The metallic sides are flat with harsh corners, making it difficult to comfortably grip the device, especially for long periods.

In a world of unibody handsets with a smooth finish, the Nokia 7 Plus feels quite odd.

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Related: Best budget phones. What I do like is the colour scheme. My review unit is mostly black, with a tasteful copper finish running around the sides and circling the dual camera on the rear of the device.

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The hint of coppery gold is a great highlight on the black body, adding something extra to the numerous phones that are simply black, white or gold. Nokia has followed the current trend of reducing the bezel surrounding the display. Nevertheless, this still feels likes a big phone.

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A fingerprint scanner sits on the rear and unlocks the device fairly quickly. Viewing angles are excellent, too, as is outdoor visibility. That high resolution makes for detailed reproduction of images and videos, with individual pixels impossible to spot. Combine this with the super-wide display and the Nokia 7 Plus is great for watching Netflix.