The tower Prosforiou

The first thing you see as coming from afar to Ouranoupoli is the picturesque tower of Offers, by the sea. Built at a crucial point monitor its surroundings, the Athonite mountains, sea and islands.

The tower was back in 1018 AD the dependency of the Monastery of Vatopedi, called Prosforion. On the east side and glued to the tower is the barmpakas, that is a stronghold of the enclosure belonging to the era of the early Ottoman rule. On the northwestern side is Arsanas the tower, built in 1865. There was and dock, which was destroyed. In the basement of Arsanas kept the boat shares, while there were imianogeio stores. The top floor was occupied.

The tower was back in 1344, but was probably older. This was hosted in May 1379 the despot of Thessalonica, John Palaeologus. Was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1585 and repaired. Probably burned down in 1821 after the suppression of the revolution in Halkidiki, but in 1858 began extensive repair work, which gave the tower its present form. It has now been fully restored by the tax office on the 10th of Byzantine Antiquities and a museum.

The bottom of the tower belongs to the Byzantine period, namely the 11th-12th century. The last two floors dating to the period of Ottoman rule. There was even a floor, destroyed.

The wooden interior of the tower and roof were built in the 19th century. There were other buildings – warehouses, barns, oil mill, wells – but now survives only chalkadio and kolligadiko, located a little further.

In 1924, after the exchange of populations, locations of Metochiou Offer settled refugees from Asia Minor and founded Ouranoupolis. Over time houses were built with great difficulty was to incorporate them in place.

At the same time the couple comes Loch – Joice and Sydney – English and Australian origin, as humanitarian organizations providing assistance to refugees from the First World War. Installed in the tower and offered substantial assistance to refugees from Asia Minor and later to earthquake victims of the great earthquake of 1932.

For more than 50 years (Sydney died in 1954 and Joice in 1982), offers great social contribution to the residents of Ouranoupoli. They wrote books and care of the tower. The Joice Loch was revived in the rooms of the tower the rolling carpet and secured so few resources to young women of the village.

Today on the floors of the tower out of retirement several findings from Athos, Ierissos, Varvara, Great Lady, Paleochori and Sidirokafsia.

Major exhibits in the museum are two bronze helmet of Corinthian type 6th BC century, found in Mount Athos, and many jewels found in ancient Acanthus, Paleokastro and Great Lady.

Also out important findings of Libra Monastery, situated on the borders of Mount Athos. Among their molyvdovoulo of “humble Athanasius” of Athos (end of 10th century), Candle glass and ornate enamelled plate. Important is the inscription from Barbara and Neposi, works of the Christian period.

Is essential, therefore, the visit to the fascinating tower. Each and every window of the balcony offers visitors an excellent view of the surroundings, dominated by the blue sea and green mountain.