Nea Skite Mount Athos

The Nea Skite is built on a flat area near the sea. It was occupied in 1760 and belongs to the abbey of St. Paul. It consists of about thirty seven cells and huts. The sixty, (more or less) monks are occupied with hagiography, music agriculture, the sculpturing of icons on wood and with golddigging and elaborating gold.

At the library of “Kyriako” we can see twenty hand-written codes, five hundred prints, sacerdotal vestments, crosses, relics of saints, etc.

The skites hagiographical firms of Kyrileon, Abrameon, Halderon, Gerontos, Varlaam and others are considered as important in their kind. The person who is in charge for the hospitality of the visitors and for keeping the place clean, is called “Deakeos” and he is elected each year. He corresponds for the public affairs of the monks and he takes are of the performances of the divine services in the “kyriako”, every Sunday.

At this skite, the artist and monk Callestos lives an ascetic life.

His work is distinguished for this inspiration and realistic attitude.