Monastery Xenofondos Mount Athos

Between the abbeys of Dohiariou and St. Panteleiomonos lies the Xenophontos abbey, which is built on a wooded area next to the sea. The abbey is a cenobetic one and it celebrates the memory of St. George on the 23rd of April. Tradition mentions that it was built in 580 by Xenophon the Siglitico, but according to some written testimonies it was built in the 10th century by Xenophon. He was acquainted with Athanassius the Athonian because the latter had cured Xenophon’s brother of an incurable disease.

The old main temple has excellent wallpaintings, painted by Anthony, an artist of the Cretan movement (1544). The altar’s wallpaintings were painted in the 16th century. The reredos of the new main temple are made of marble. This temple is bigger and much more impressive than the other main temples of Aghion Oros. There, we can see two mosaic icons of St. Dimitrios and St. George and a smaller one of the Tranfiguration of Christ which all date back to the 14th century.

Nowadays, it has eleven chapels there, of which still have icons. The belfry is in a square tower which was built in 1864, while the fountain with the cover in front of the tower was built in 1908. The library contains 300 manuscripts and 3.500 prints. The treasures comprise of wood from the Holy Cross, portable icons, liturgical objects, relics of several saints, mosaic icons and others.

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