Holy Skites of Mount Athos

In Mount Athos monks do not live all the Monasteries and the capital of nuts. Since the Atha νασίου of Athos, who rallied ing part of the small monastic communities there, the "Lavra, the Monastery of the Lavra By tems, the first monastery in Mount Athos, many monks lived in small organized left monastic communities, common low raktiristika their work and common worship.The hermits, however, Zou always like praying, in their humble Kalives or in caves. 

The Holy Mountain has about 20 Ski them, ie larger settlements built around a temple, the "Sunday". 

The Cloisters differ substantially from Ke Lia in the organization. The Hermitage directors comfortable and run by the righteous with the Board of Sympraktoron who ekle produced by gathering all the brothers of cloister. The Law's task undertake include rotating the elders of Mrs. lyvon the cloister. 

In contrast to the cloisters, the cells run by Dai monk recognized as an Elder of the cell from the dominant Monastery. 

Among the most famous cell is the "Axion Esti" in the north of Karyes to a stop half an hour.On Athos are very smallest My big Cells dispersed. Particularly interesting is the history of the Russian Cell "Ampitel" owned Chelandariou monastery dating from the time of St. Sava and is dedicated to St. Ignatius. In support of the Russians, built many magnificent buildings with large wings hostel, huge kitchen, magnificent reception area and several workshops. This created the center of the "brotherhood" of Russian Athoniton monks. All this grandeur but lost in a fire in 1905 and the cell never regained its former greatness. 

The Cloisters, and the cells are dominant in monasteries, although to some extent is aftodioikita. 

They often offer the fruits of their labor, such as fruits and vegetables in exchange lagma buy those products do not produce runes Bo. The monks of these "parts" often visit the monasteries riarches waves, but mostly in large fairs of their patron saints. 

From the hermitage of the Holy Mountain, some like so old as that of St. Anna, dating back to 1007. Others were enormously hour point, but is ruined, such as the "Serai" The Hermitage built with money from the Russian Tsar Alexander II.

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